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Courses and Conferences Up and On the Go in 2024

MDI Bio Lab’s 2024 course and conference season is officially underway.

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Season Brings Snow, Students!

More graduate students come to Salisbury Cove.

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BioME Awards $6,000 to Lab Ph.D. Candidate for Muscle Research

Romain Menard is working on age-associated muscle degeneration.

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How Two Summer Students Advanced Science at MDI Bio Lab

Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) applications due in January.

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Data Science Team Explores New Protein Functions

Data Science Core Director Joel Graber, Ph.D., and several of his MDI Bio Lab Core team are co-authors of a new publication in Genetics that details previously undescribed molecular and genetic functions of a protein in yeast that is conserved in humans.

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A Post-Doc Builds Proto-Kidneys from Scratch

More than 30 million Americans suffer from chronic kidney disease (CKD), including thousands in Maine. 

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Launching Bioscience Careers at MDI Bio Lab

A growing number of graduates and post-docs are energizing the campus.

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Developing a Passion for Science

As a student working alongside Dr. Tom Maren in the late 1970s, Daphne Trotter (née Gardiner) developed a passion for science. Today as a member of the Bio Lab's Board of Trustees, Daphne is dedicated to supporting the next generation of young scientists.

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Senator Collins’ Support for Science Honored in D.C., Applauded in Maine

Federal funding for MDI Bio Lab, JAX and Bigelow is vital for their work

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