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Bioinformatics: The Importance of Training the Trainer

MDI Biological Laboratory is beyond pleased to be hosting the upcoming Bioinformatics T3: Train the Trainer from June 26 until July 3 – not only because this is a vital and expanding field or because of our passion for educating the next generation of amazing scientists – but because we are able to welcome folks back to…

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MINOTA 2020 – a change of direction

Transcriptome-profiling is the primary means by which researchers characterize what is happening at the molecular level.  When a transcriptome profile is generated for a sample, it tells us which genes are active (being expressed) and at what amount.  Comparing profiles among samples allows us to identify genes, and importantly the biological processes that are varying…

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Part III: Meet the Computational Biology Core

(Read part one or part two of the series.)  For this entry into our ongoing discussion of the MDI Biological Laboratory Computational Biology Core, I want to take a step back and, rather than talk about the specifics of the science, instead talk about who we are, what we do, and why it is so…

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Bioinformatics Part II: What do my genome-scale measurements of gene expression mean?

Graphical representation of differential gene expression for a single gene.  The red triangles represent measurements of replicate treated samples, and the black diamonds represent matched control samples.  Differential expression of this gene is determined by a statistical analysis of the separation between expression levels in treated and control, compared to the variation within each group…

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Big Data: Computational Biology Opens a New Window on the World’s Challenges for Colby Scientists

In this excerpt from an article in Colby Magazine by Kate Carlisle, genomics expert Andrea R. Tilden, Ph.D., The J. Warren Merrill Associate Professor of Biology at Colby and a visiting scientist in bioinformatics at the MDI Biological Laboratory, discusses the evolution of the fields of bioinformatics and computational biology.

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