MDI Biological Laboratory

MDIBL provides a bridge from academic research to product development. We chose MDI Biological Laboratory because of its location, laboratory facilities, biotech infrastructure and fresh air. Without the established infrastructure, we would have had to duplicate thousands of dollars of laboratory equipment and capabilities in a space that would require extensive redesign to suit a biotechnology environment.

Mike Kagan
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The Maine Center for Biomedical Innovation, established in 2017 by the MDI Biological Laboratory with funding from the State of Maine, promotes the state's thriving life sciences and technology sector by facilitating innovation- and entrepreneurial-based learning and by nurturing emerging life sciences and technology companies.

The MDI Biological Laboratory is one of the nation’s oldest independent research institutions, committed to improving human health, focusing on the molecular and cellular mechanisms of tissue regeneration and aging. Designated a Center of Biomedical Excellence by the National Institutes of Health since 2013, it supports a growing faculty of investigators and invites international collaboration with students and scientists through its robust experiential, education and conference programs.

We are committed to supporting and facilitating the translation of research into solutions to promote human health and to building Maine's life sciences sector. Our campus is located on Mount Desert Island, also home to Acadia National Park and The Jackson Laboratory, with whom we are fortunate to share opportunities for collaboration and be part of the largest concentration of biomedical research expertise in the state.

Maine Center for Biomedical Innovation

Established in 2017, MCBI is committed to advancing Maine's life sciences and biotechnology fields by offering state-of-the-art infrastructure, turnkey wet lab and administration space, access to diverse animal models and expertise in comparative biology and animal husbandry.

Heavy investments in microscopy in the last 3 years has resulted a wide range of imaging capacity, from confocal fluorescence to the latest light sheet technology, as well as access to our dedicated and expert staff.

MCBI also offers the chance to collaborate or take on contract research opportunities for individual scientists and independent companies.

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Maine Center for Biomedical Innovation

Promoting Maine’s life sciences and technology sector by facilitating innovation and entrepreneurial-based learning on the MDI Biological Laboratory campus.

MDI BioSpace

Supporting early-stage life science and technology companies by providing turn-key wet lab and office space. Participating companies have access to MDI Biological Laboratory’s extensive administrative and scientific services.