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Impact Report 2022

Together, we launched new initiatives, built on existing partnerships and pursued innovative research.


We had a tremendously productive year and your partnership made it possible. Thank you.

It is hard to believe that it has been more than four years since we started on this journey together. Looking back we have achieved a lot.  Your support has strengthened our research programs by helping us recruit more outstanding scientists, leverage additional federal grants and publish more peer-reviewed publications.

Together, we have successfully established an international graduate program and have recruited more postdoctoral fellows. Our visiting scientist program is also playing a more significant role in strengthening our core scientific programs. Just last month we added two more funded international scientists to our visiting scientist program.

Last but certainly not least, we launched MDI Bioscience to assist the biotech and pharmaceutical industries in developing more efficient tools for drug discovery and development.

MDIBL’s reputation within Maine is also growing. In 2022 we developed robust research partnerships with the Roux Institute, MaineHealth, the University of Maine and The Jackson Laboratory and are actively pursuing large-scale federal research grants with our partners.

And finally, as we enter our 125th year of operation, we have a clear vision and five-year financial plan to increase our scientific capacity and establish a financial model that will ensure we are here for the next 125 years. Your support is essential to our future and I am profoundly grateful for your continued belief in us and our mission.

I look forward to celebrating many more accomplishments with you in the year to come.


Hermann Haller, M.D.


Together We Moved Science Forward

In 2022, with your help, we strengthened our international research programs, expanded hands-on educational opportunities, built a state-of-the-art microscope and continued to engage the community in our dynamic outreach programs.

in funding for MDI Bioscience
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zebrafish in our animal core
research groups with 35 research support staff
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peer-reviewed publications
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components of our custom-built 3D microscope, the mesoSPIM
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visiting scientist collaborations with MDIBL faculty
"Giving smart people cutting edge technology is a recipe for success; it leads to innovation and unbiased, inclusive approaches to really understanding disease and developmental processes."
Iain Drummond, Ph.D. Professor and Director, Kathryn W. Davis Center for Aging and Regenerative Biology


See Your Impact on Our Education Programs

Your support of MDIBL means the next generation of scientists receive quality mentoring, hands-on learning and exposure to real-world science. With your help we dramatically increased the number of graduate and post doctoral fellows working with our faculty. Thank you for helping launch the careers of these outstanding young scientists.

online and in-person courses and conferences
institutions represented at our courses and conferences
awarded in student fellowships
summer student fellows on campus
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graduate students and postdocs
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days spent monitoring Harmful Algal Blooms
citizen scientist observations shared through
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"If you are interested in research, going to MDIBL is one of the best things you can do for yourself."
Elena Singer-Freeman REU Summer Fellow 2022


Our Donors

The MDI Biological Laboratory is extremely grateful to all the donors who generously support our work. This list represents contributions made from January 1 to December 31, 2022. Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our list. Our sincere apologies if any omissions or errors have occurred; please contact us to ensure your preferences are on record.


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