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A Legacy A Lifetime In The Making

  • December 17, 2019

“Adding MDIBL as a beneficiary for a portion of my retirement fund was really easy. It took less than a minute to do and it’s a great way to support an organization that my family and I care deeply about.”

Mark Hanscome
Director of Facilities, MDIBL

Mark Hanscome grew up just two miles from the MDI Biological Laboratory, where three generations of his family have owned and operated Hanscom’s Motel and Cottages.  “Growing up, MDIBL was a constant presence,” says Hanscome. “Whether it was exploring the shoreline and fishing off the lab dock or hanging out with the families that came to work there each summer, the lab has always been part of our family.”

Mark began working at MDIBL in 1998 where he is now Director of Facilities. Over the last 21 years he and his team have worked to ensure the ever-growing campus is safe, maintained, and able to support the laboratory’s cutting-edge research and education programs. Often the first person MDIBL staff, students and visitors call when they need a hand, Mark is an integral part of the fabric of the laboratory community.

While always a strong believer in MDIBL’s mission and a loyal annual donor, this year, Mark and his wife Marydeane took their support a step further by joining the Kingsley Society.  Named for the MDI Biological Laboratory’s founder, John Sterling Kingsley, the Kingsley Society recognizes the outstanding generosity  of those who have made legacy gifts to the Laboratory. By naming MDIBL as a beneficiary of his retirement fund, Mark not only maximized his support of an organization he cares deeply about, but also minimized the potential tax burden on his heirs.

With a simple update to your retirement beneficiary form (often available online), you too can designate MDIBL as a beneficiary of a percentage or dollar amount of your retirement assets. With this gift you can:

  • Leave other, less heavily taxed assets to your loved ones
  • Maintain maximum flexibility and change your beneficiaries at any time
  • Take action without the expense of an attorney

To learn more about how you can take advantage of this and other tax saving opportunities, and at the same time support the MDI Biological Laboratory, contact Jeri Bowers, Director of Development, at 207-288-3147 or

MDI Biological Laboratory is a registered nonprofit organization incorporated in Maine with tax identification number 01-0202467 and located at 159 Old Bar Harbor Road, Salisbury Cove, Maine 04672